Drowning in a tub full of tears Every sip erasing fears This courage fills me with sorrow This water purifies until tomorrow When the sun rises on another day And all that sadness gets washed away The alcohol still flowing in vain With you, there’s only pain Viens pumping fire miss I can’t come back from this


SHAME consciousness of foolish behavior  a painful feeling of humiliation  IS exist  NOT opposing understatement  AFRAID fearful of consequences  undesirable feeling of fear  TO in motion  BE take place SPOKEN say something 

The Currency of Love

Whoever said “love don’t cost a thing” lied  Cause, when you Add up the broken heart of the whole  With each shatter, fragment multiply the tolls Combine that with every tear shed  Factor in every hollow word  Then increase all the confusion  Triple it with empty promises  Double the dimensions of deceit  The ache plus infinity  Credit now ruined Love equals debt    April is National Poetry Month, and for the 30 days of April, I will write a poem each day.


thief  Whose hands are these? thief Hands that furiously stole my words thief Hands that clawed at my larynx thief My words have been abducted thief Debarked by jealousy thief Hands that choked my voice box thief Hands that lack trust thief Hands that live a lie thief Hands that misappropriated speech thief Those envious hands taunt me thief Hands that assume I lay in defeat thief, Defenseless I will never be Silent? Maybe when I sleep The modus operandi is never retreat Reclaiming what’s mine . . . One syllable at a time.       April is National …

Power Less

Power Less Appearing, Disappearing, then re-appearing Unmasking Unraveling converting sound waves into electrical energy Appearing every syllable a simile comparing violations Disappearing, to passionate hate-filled words yelled lightly Unraveling stolen voices false accusations Unmasking lessening the ability power restored, brightly     April is National Poetry Month, and for the 30 days of April, I will write a poem each day.


in·ev·i·ta·ble inˈevidəb(ə)l/ adjective certain to happen; unavoidable 31 days into the new year, I have lost my grandmother, a lover, stable living accommodations, and a sense of security. I have found myself fluctuating between two extremes one that binds me and keeps me grounded to one that keeps me spinning uncontrollably. This rhythm is a damaging truth, and as I continue to cycle, I find myself feeling alone because everything that I believed in, trusted in, and held on to as certainty, isn’t. 20,160 minutes into this new season I’ve actively been working towards the pursuit of higher education. As …