I am

I am a small girl living in a big town

I speak softly yet my words are echoed loudly

I am a short girl in a tall suit

I am a happy girl who wears a big frown

I am hidden behind everything you seek

I am so tired but I rarely sleep

I rarely listen… but I care

I sign only to myself, but the world hears

I am murky black, yet vibrant colors flow through the life-line inside of me

Here I sit at a small desk staring directly at the sea

With grandiose visions of making ripples

through puddles that muddy water…I cannot drink

I wrote all of this but it doesn’t make sense to me

I am quietly waiting for a booming sound that will somehow captivate me

I don’t believe all that I see

But as hard as I try, I can’t be any more than me

30/30 Challenge 


  1. Lynn Hall

    I’m finally catching up here! I love the line about writing this but none of it making sense. 😉 Your poems are beautiful, Crystal!!

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