I journeyed from Atlanta to Missoula making a few pit stops along the way.

Montana is vivid in color. Every sunrise is more immense than the one before. With all its beauty, Montana can only be defined as Montana.

The way I see Montana is much like the moon – having no light of its own. The moon just like Montana relies heavily on on the sun to emit any form of light. In lieu of its beauty, in Montana I was left in darkness.

No meteorologist could predict the adverse weather conditions that left me without light. I can’t help but wonder what quickly became of the thousands of fireflies seen throughout my journey. Those fieflies once illuminated the sky.

I can’t think of anything more magical than a firefly’s light. Those incandescent soft-bodied beetles that outshine the moon.

I left Montana on a quest to find those fireflies . . . for the simple fact, I can’t live without light.


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