a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else. 

I traveled a course, with great affection for rational energy as it converted vanes into lights. Under a blanketed sky those red lights served as an indicator a beacon of safety. Decoding the shapes and sounds of the structured vastness of the Mojave. The landscape designed for extremes is an invitation to embrace our vulnerabilities. Much like my journey, nature is on a mission to take back all that has been stolen. The course of life is strenuous at times, though my wilderness pilgrimage serves to remind me that heaven is on this earth. Shelterless, without armor I laid gazing at the streams of cosmic debris. Observing the parallel trajectories of the earth’s atmosphere and the soil that grounded while it held my body. My exploration, my quest to connect with identity was halted abruptly as my body temporarily declared defeat.

The termination of that adventure left me bewildered. Nevertheless, I built an overpass and set a new plan into motion. Strong-willed and determined I remain in focus, constructing a bridge that will allow passage linking two parts. My license to build has been revoked. Relentlessly, I labored, violating rules to have the license reinstate fueled intrinsically by willpower. Solo hiker manner in effect I crisscross maneuvering the switchbacks uncertain of the unexplored terrain ahead, I catch glimpses of the already conquered path.

Onward I journey beyond the destruction years, ever so often my mind drifts back to the safety of those windmills, the switchbacks, the summits, and the views. The wind turbines and a little trail magic offered comfort and reprieve. Had I known in advance that once I exited that 6.5-mile stretch, that I’d be offered a drink, I may have conversed a bit longer. As with each sip, I moved closer in the direction of my destiny. Unpredictably, those windmills now define me, and as a result, I all things connect.


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