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change CHānj/ verb make or become different              Anyone who has ever spoken with me can attest that the vast turnaround in language irritates me. Nevertheless, I waver between the convenient use of slang and legitimacy of the stability that proper word choice provides. During a trip from Atlanta, Georgia […]

Impenetrable silence

A few posts ago, I asked readers to stick with me while I wrote through my grieving process. Today, I’m writing through that discomfort. The past year can be marked by paralyzed vocal chords, screaming out words that vibrate only within me. It’s deafening. My re-entry into society after six months of intentional disconnect strongly […]

Name the Villain

There is a video circulating on my Facebook feed that is causing a lot of controversies. I don’t often tackle heavy issues in my blog posts unless I feel so strongly about the topic. Such is the case now. Rather than use the word “black” or “African American,” I’m going to say, People of Global […]

The Fact of Existing 

Recently, I attended the PGM One Summit. The PGM ONE summit convenes hundreds of emerging and established professionals of the global majority to lead the racial equity and inclusion movement in the outdoor and environmental sectors. During the two-day multidisciplinary and intergenerational summit, participants will share, learn, collaborate, heal, celebrate, build community, find support, and […]

Beautifully Broken

Authenticity is what we all search for, and rarely find. With every flaw, every wound chapters form to make sense of my incredible life. Words haven’t flowed smoothly lately. In fact, words are dry and hardened, and evacuation is difficult and infrequent. All the unwanted waste accumulates, rotting flesh that can’t rebuild. In truth, I […]


bal·ance ˈbaləns/ noun 1. an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Around this time one year ago, I prepared for a journey. An adventure to reconnect with my wounded self and embrace the healing powers of nature. It was a beautiful journey drawn short due to medical reasons. […]


weight wāt/ noun noun: weight 1. a body’s relative mass or the quantity of matter contained by it, giving rise to a downward force; the heaviness of a person or thing 2. a heavy object, especially one being lifted or carried. Clinically speaking, once I was classified as morbidly obese. My weight was comparable to […]


thankful [thangk-fuh l] adjective 1. feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative. I awoke this morning well before sunrise, eager to connect with the ocean before running a half marathon race. I have been greatly anticipating both, as I have not been to the sea since April, and I have not run actively since March. I walked […]

Cookies and Love

The over and underexposed snapshots of the past 13149 days are fleeting around my head today marking the passage of time. Over the course of the last 1878 weeks and three days I have come to understand that there is a beauty in living, and for that, I am appreciative. I am thankful for water […]