Author: Crystal Gail Welcome

Passage of Time

I have bee present 13,515, breathing for roughly 1,167,696,980 seconds. 37, is the number of years it took me to understand that we are all imperfectly searching for perfection. Perfection is merely a concept created by an unknown source, for unexplainable reseasons. In my aimless search perfection, I recognize, no such reality exists. In honor of […]

solo at SOLO

so·lo ˈsōlō noun  1. a thing done by one person unaccompanied, in particular. SOLO sōlō noun 2. Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities  If you’ve been curious about my absence during October, I spent the month enrolled in SOLO’s Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program in Conway, New Hampshire. The course overall was intense, nearly a semester worth of work […]


change CHānj/ verb make or become different              Anyone who has ever spoken with me can attest that the vast turnaround in language irritates me. Nevertheless, I waver between the convenient use of slang and legitimacy of the stability that proper word choice provides. During a trip from Atlanta, Georgia […]

Impenetrable silence

A few posts ago, I asked readers to stick with me while I wrote through my grieving process. Today, I’m writing through that discomfort. The past year can be marked by paralyzed vocal chords, screaming out words that vibrate only within me. It’s deafening. My re-entry into society after six months of intentional disconnect strongly […]

Name the Villain

There is a video circulating on my Facebook feed that is causing a lot of controversies. I don’t often tackle heavy issues in my blog posts unless I feel so strongly about the topic. Such is the case now. Rather than use the word “black” or “African American,” I’m going to say, People of Global […]

The Fact of Existing 

Recently, I attended the PGM One Summit. The PGM ONE summit convenes hundreds of emerging and established professionals of the global majority to lead the racial equity and inclusion movement in the outdoor and environmental sectors. During the two-day multidisciplinary and intergenerational summit, participants will share, learn, collaborate, heal, celebrate, build community, find support, and […]

Beautifully Broken

Authenticity is what we all search for, and rarely find. With every flaw, every wound chapters form to make sense of my incredible life. Words haven’t flowed smoothly lately. In fact, words are dry and hardened, and evacuation is difficult and infrequent. All the unwanted waste accumulates, rotting flesh that can’t rebuild. In truth, I […]


a·dapt əˈdapt/Submit verb make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify. become adjusted to new conditions Papers released into the air collapsing slowly on my desk. Each sheet a memoriter of a forgotten legacy. Lately, my thoughts have been a polished reflection of the life I used to lead. On this day last […]


There is this sound that is spoken. If you listen closely, there is a subtle space between, like a rhythm unseen. So in this language, I will speak. I will reach deep into the dark places of all the indeterminacy that imprison me. These shackles restrict and seek to conquer me. But my words are […]


A beautiful struggle I was born into chaos Nursed on bitterness chest Inhaled discontent Nurtured on hate Teethed on rings of deceit Crawling, walking, running away First words voiceless, silent Educated on lies Beautiful dresses, abused nakedness Her broken promises, futile forgiveness Her aversion to love Behind her shadows I fall, short In her absence, […]