She arrived late Due at 23:59 Arrived on the dime Well, 00:10 11 minutes shy of on time 12 minutes shy of early After the expected Near the end But… Have you heard the recent news? The latest? At the last minute, she wrote Behind schedule Belatedly Not early, and not on time LATE 30/30 […]


emotions linked to mind chatter events that aren’t current this state of being a distraction swinging like a pendulum in this present moment, the mind is quick to attack the past fluctuates if anything is true, these thoughts invades like a toxin it’s easier to detach life isn’t about effortlessness it’s about conquering pain at […]


Darts to the heart Ripping flesh apart Marrow exposed Reload Bullet to the brain Cerebral matter blain System slowed Reload A skeleton sleepwalking Half dead carcass talking Process mode Reload Hands cracked and crippled A lifeless stipple Unbreakable code Reload Arms that crookedly dangle A touchless strangle Ascending node Reload Feet that heavily stumble Cracks […]

A Channel for Vessels

Like water, dripping out of a pipe Cursed fingers slip as I start to type Like a solution, I dissolve into a single droplet Surface damp folded inward like a wallet Like a river, flowing through a marshy meadow Allowing the currents to carry me, I let go As if performing at a show I’m […]


Today I declare I do not enjoy haikus Yes, you hate them too In honor of yesterday, National Haiku Poetry Day 30/30 Challenge 


back and forth, steadily walking consistent and continuous speed jogging the striking thread running a quick acceleration sprinting velocity maintained, unwavering, advancing daily movement is poetry 30/30 Challenge 


Word choice poetry She said indecision Thoughts affecting choices Actions making reality Comfort in not knowing Still questioning Answers still sought Consciousness is a foe I can’t decide if I should stop here or 30/30 Challenge


≠ anyone > nothing < something (everything) = anything 30/30 Challenge


tiny sensors cover the body transforming an invasion strong head beating chest fierceness in the gut invasive multiplication localized infections the metamorphosis spread through lymphatic vessels body-wide today I fly 30/30 Challenge 


13, lawlessness The day after 12 The day before 14 My date of birth 13, promises and blessings 13, brings nobility and strength Today there will be no poem number 13