Restorative Narrative

“If you want to know me, then you must know my story, my story defines who I am. And if I want to know myself, to gain insight into the meaning of my own life, then I, too, must come to know my own story. I must come to see in all its particulars the narrative of the self – the personal myth – that I have tacitly, even unconsciously, composed over the course of my life. It is a story I continue to revise and tell myself (and sometimes to others) as I go on living” (Vinogradova et al., 2011, p.173).

Vinogradova, P., Linville, H. A., & Bickel, B. (2011). “Listen to my story and you will know me”: Digital stories as student‐centered collaborative projects. TESOL Journal, 2(2), 173-202.

Restorative narrative is a therapeutic approach that allows individuals to be and to embrace being the expert in their own lives. I believe that the personal stories people develop and carry throughout their lives are critical for healing. I guide individuals through the construct of sharing their stories, either through writing or graphic text.

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